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Thread: BLO>Sealcoat>EM8000CV Finishing Schedule Questions

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    BLO>Sealcoat>EM8000CV Finishing Schedule Questions

    Hi everyone, my first post. I have learned a great deal from reading this sub-forum, but have a question.

    I am building an end table out of Ambrosia Maple. I am considering using a finishing schedule of BLO, followed by a coat of Sealcoat, with a topcoat of EM8000CV. Much thanks to the forum for leading me to the Target Coatings product. I have learned more in the last month of reading this forum than in the past 5 years about finishing. Special thanks to Mr. Becker for his insights.

    I have done some testing, and love the look of this finishing schedule on the AM. My question is, what is the minimum curing time for the BLO to ensure there are no problems so the finish will hold up over time. My test pieces look wonderful, but I only waited 24 hours for the BLO to cure. I don't know if this is enough time.


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    I do 24 hours on the BLO. Apply...let it set for a few minutes and then thoroughly wipe off any excess. Repeat the last step in a few hours just to be sure. (Dispose of the towels/rags safely) Be sure that you give the SealCoat time to fully send off the alcohol before you move on to the waterborne finish and make that coat of shellac as thin as you's just a barrier coat. Too thick of a coat WILL cause you issues with your top coats because it can trap the solvent and in-turn, cause cracking.

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    Thanks, I appreciate the advice.

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