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Thread: Help with wall oven cabinet design

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    Help with wall oven cabinet design

    First post in this forum, hope this is right place.
    I'm needing to design/build a face frame wall oven cabinet for pacement in an island. The oven is GE JTS5000SNSS, with the installation instructions below.
    They call for a cutout (diagram 2B) of 28 5/8 x 27 5/16 x 23 1/2 (w x h x d). However they also spec a "clearance from cutout" of 1" top, 1 1/4" bottom and 11/16" each side. I'm confused as to what this means.
    I assume it means the face frame inside dimensions are the cutout and the cabinet box inside dimensions are the cutout plus the additional clearances. If so, the oven must rest on some "legs" to bring up the bottom to the cutout.
    Please help me sort this out.

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    The oven rests on material you supply. On the first page of the instructions you linked to, there is a drawing under the heading "prepare the opening".

    I think the front of the oven overlays the cabinet. The cutout dimensions are the hole which the oven fits through. The clearance dimensions are for the front of the oven, as it overlays the cabinet face. You can't have other stuff like doors or drawer fronts intruding into that clearance area.

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    Jamie. thanks for responding. I noticed the "prepare" section. My plan is to have the oven simply sit on the deck of the cab, OK with that?
    The reason for my questions are based on my original plan to make a 30 inch high box and sit it on a 4 1/2 toe kick. But the GE opening + clearances add to 27 5/8 +1+ 1 1/4 = 29 7/8. Adding a 3/4 deck gets my cab box to 30 5/8. That was my thinking before reading your post carefully.
    Now, I believe I can build cab with the required opening and place the deck even with the upper edge of the bottom rail. So it is the outside to the face frame where the small clearances are specified, not the inside of the frame.

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    I know it's not always possible, perhaps especially in these days of long lead times for appliances, but I've always tried to have any built-in appliances on hand before finalizing the cabinet. It just makes it easier to get everything right the first time.
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    Just to close the loop, Jamie’s input was correct. The clearances are for the outside of the face frame. I actually called GE and confirmed it. Interestingly, on another forum there was discussion on clearances needed inside the cabinet. GE tech confirmed all needed clearances are built in to the oven box, nothing additional needed in the cabinet.
    We slid the oven in yesterday and cooked a bit. All good..

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