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Thread: Getting a new bandsaw table and fence - Jet JWBS-14SFX

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    Getting a new bandsaw table and fence - Jet JWBS-14SFX

    I inherited a Jet JWBS-14SFX that has seen no use, but the catch is that it has no table or fence. Despite the windfall of getting the saw, money is tight, and from what I can find on the Jet parts website, the table is just over $400, not including tax or shipping, and the whole fence set up is about the same when added up.

    Money is a little tight but I have about $300 in the budget to get this saw up and running.

    It seems like there are good aftermarket fences available such as the Kreg bandsaw fence, but I am looking for advice or suggestions on what I can do to get a table and fence on this saw affordably.

    I would love to have a large cast iron table like the 17"x21" work surface that comes on this saw when new, but a smaller table is not a deal breaker if anyone knows if other Jet or other manufacturers tables would be cross compatible on the trunnions for the saw.

    I would prefer to not have to make a table for the saw but would consider it if the cost savings were significant enough and the design was functional.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Can't help on the compatibility , nor have I seen anything that looks like a clone of theses saws.

    $800-$900 in parts makes this a fools errand since the saw can be had new, with warranty, for $1100.

    However, $400 plus $110 for a Kreg fence puts this back in the solid deal category as it's roughly half of new.

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    So the trunnion is present,
    What about the other part, the male part of it, which is bolted to the table?

    I don't think a table needs to be so accurate on the bandsaw, (in terms of table flatness)
    Many tables develop a step in the table for various reasons, casting issues, neglecting to put a pin in where the blade slot is,
    neglecting to level up the table by using the trunnion mounting bolts, or leaving something heavy on it.
    As long as its solid it should be fine.

    Have you need to tilt the table?....I haven't tilted my table ever.
    I had a look at this video, is this the saw?

    Can see why they would be wanting a lot for that table, looks quite heavy with that deep mitre slot in it.

    Regarding the fence... (if thats the right saw in the video)
    It looks snazzy at first, but can you remove that mounting bracket without removing the blade?
    I think this design of fence and rail makes sense, as you can simply lift it off.
    If you decide to make a fence rail from flat stock, then you might just decide to utilize the design for outfeeds and other things like in this video...

    Just incase you want to use this saw for crosscutting frequently, it might make sense choose that design, instead of antics like this which looks a bit odd.
    Bandsaw fence antics - Copy.JPG


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    You should make a table and a fence, many people online are even building complete table saws etc.

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    I have the Jet 14DXPRO that didn't come with a fence so I'm in the process of making this Utube fence. Except for the locking mechanism, scrap wood is all that is required. My goal is to eventually replace the fence face with a left over aluminum extrusion. Best wishes

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    If the trunions are still in place, it would not be difficult to make a replacement table from some sheet goods, such as a good quality plywood. Thicker is better.
    As for a fence, you could use one of those clamp-on guides in a pinch.

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    Thanks for your input everyone, I found a parts supplier,, that appears to have the original table for about $380 shipped. I may bite the bullet and do that. Or try and maybe mess around with a torsion box type assembly for a table and see if that works, although I suppose I would be limited on how tall I could make it so I don't eat into my resaw capacity.

    I do have a kreg bandsaw fence on my current delta 14 inch saw, which I was planning on selling with the unit, but I may switch it over before listing it in craigslist

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    Could go with a Carter Magnetic Fence. That's the way I'm thinking if I can get this Steel City BS tuned up (sometimes I wonder). I already have the Kreg one, but have been eyeing the Carter one for a while.
    If over thinking was an Olympic event, I'd win Gold every time!

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