For sale is a 36 crescent bandsaw. Vintage, not sure of year, guessing 50s.
Motor: 3ph 3hp
All ball bearings in good shape.
Good running saw. Upgrading to a saw with a 10HP motor for resawing purposes.
Comes with:
2 brand new 1 1/4 resaw blades
3 brand new 1/2 blades
A handful of used blades

Bottom tire needs to be replaced, bottom wheel wobbles but the saw tracks fine. Could be adjusted if it bothers you.

Forklift available to load. This saw will be available to pick up once i get my new one moved in. Mid-late January. If you want to see it run, come soon. Once the new one is here, this saw will not be able to be powered up

Located South East PA.

2000 obo