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Thread: Keith Burns - Passed due to covid-19

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    Keith Burns - Passed due to covid-19

    It is with saddened heart that I report on Keith's passing. Keith had a signature hollow form and finial stye work, and was one of the nicest people. Since it was not posted here on SMC, but was on the AAW forum and WoW, I thought creekers ought to be aware also. Rest in Peace, Keith!
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    I saw on FB that Keith had caught Covid and his wife had too. I read yesterday that he had passed. I offer my prayers and thoughts for him, his family and his many friends. Keith' turnings always had a certain distinct beauty that was always recognizable.

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    His "Explanation Point" finials are my favorite finial. I have always been attracted to them! Just love them!
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    I always considered Keith my mentor as well as my friend. When I was first starting turning he emailed me and offered encouragement because he could see that I had become frustrated with my turning abilities. Over the course of a few months he coached me through emails on the fundamentals of form and helped me to 'see' a flowing curve. With his help I finally figured out bowls and then advanced to hollow forms. The one thing Keith taught me more than anything else was to reach out and help others. He was a very kind person, always had time to talk and offer suggestions when asked. I did enjoy working with him behind the scenes on Woodturners America! When you get to work one-on-one with someone, under pressure, you appreciate having them as a friend even more. RIP Keith! Thanks for all the lessons in turning and in life! You will be missed!

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    I love those finials. Such a sad loss. Condolences to all the loved ones Keith left behind.

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    I did not see that. Glad you mentioned here. Condolences to the family. He was a talent for sure. This covid is kicking butt and m,any good people are dying from it. Just lost my sister Dec. 3 from this too. 68 years young. Not fair. Be safe out there this is real.
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    For those who may not have seen Keith's work, someone posted this on another forum. Hollow form with distinctive finial. Besides the form and the finial, note the symmetry of the finial and base.

    Keith Burns.jpg

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    There is a gallery with many examples of his work on the aaw forum. He was a gifted woodworker. Ave atque vale.

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    Hello all. I am Brian Burns, Keith's son. Thank you for the kind words. I can't tell you how much he loved the turning community, helping and learning from others, and the real life and online lifelong friendships he made. He loved his work with Carter and the travel to different symposiums, clubs, and shows. He and we loved the pieces he did as collaborations. Our homes and hearts are full with memories and beautiful pieces he left behind. I was proud and lucky to be able to call him my Dad.

    In this time of COVID, it is hard to have a proper funeral and memorial. I have connected with some of his turning friends who have shared some great material, but if any of you have any stories, photos, jokes, nicknames, favorite pieces, or other memories of Dad to share I would be forever grateful. I promise to share them with family. You can post them here, or share them in a PM, or PM me for an email address. Whichever you are comfortable with.

    He will be cremated and placed in a large urn he made in 2005. More specifically, we kids were instructed specifically to add the 2nd parent to the urn when the time comes and give it a good shake before laying it to rest.

    I have spent a lot of time just sitting in his shop this last week. Active until the end, this is how the turning corner of the shop be loved so much was left. A final piece left in process on the lathe surrounded by mounds of resting curls. Very fitting.

    Dads Final Turning.jpg

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