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Thread: Swivel connector source?

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    Swivel connector source?

    I want to make a hose reel, so the shop vacuum and a cyclone (CV06) can stay in an out-of-the way part of the shop. Moving a hose around seems better than moving a vacuum AND a cyclone on a bucket. (For floor-sweeping, not for the saw or other power tools).

    Videos by folks who've done this mention a swivel connector on the reel...the hose from the center of the reel to the vacuum/cyclone doesn't turn but the reel does.

    Who makes these connectors? Good/bad experiences?

    I'm using a Ridgid wet/dry vacuum ("6.5 peak HP motor"). At what length of hose am I going to notice poor suction?
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    There seem to be a number of fittings available if you search for vacuum hose swivel fitting.
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    The type of swivel will depend on your design; will the fitting be fixed to the reel or fixed to the assembly supporting the wheel or completely free floating in some sort of collar. Can you post some concept drawings please? This one could be epoxied to one part and allow the other to swivel. The question is whether this material is meant to swivel that much and in that manner. That is, is the plastic type apt to wear out under that sort of use. The one I have is designed to fit the manufacturer's design, is a soft plastic, appears to be self-lubricating like UHMW, and wear resistant. I'm sure there are more involved swivels with bearings and seals but, the price would make the benefit of making your own reel fade quickly unless there is some other driving force for a custom reel.
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