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Thread: Amazing woodshop!!

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    I always love seeing other folks shops and how they work. I wish I was 10% as organized and clean as his shop, maybe someday <sigh>. The one thing that I couldn’t deal with is the tight spaces. Personally, I like more open space to move around and I would be bumping into things constantly in a shop like that.
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    I have no issues living my dreams through others. We all spend our money in different ways and I enjoy all the different ways to spend money. I believe in meditation and a shop like this would work wonders for my mental health. For those that wonder if he makes anything with his tools, does it matter? Or do you ask because you are jealous? We can’t take our money with us when we die.

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    Just watched the video, woozier, he wins. Think I would feel a little guilty with a shop that nice for the amount of woodworking I do.

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    Man, how many concurrent projects do you have to be working on exactly to use up THAT many clamps?! LOL
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