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Thread: Dust Extractors - Festool competitors

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Frederick View Post
    I have the Festool CT22E, which has been excellent. Thanks for the PoweTec bag suggestion as i am in need of new bags. Upon suggestion from our friend from Germany, whose name escapes me, I picked up a Karcher WX5. It has been very good and reasonable priced with the auto on, hepa and variable speed. The hose is short however and I need to pick up the adapter set for the terminations as it doesn’t fit up to the track saw or sander. It hasn’t been a problem as I do have the 22. Next time I go to town I’ll take the hose with me to Rockler to see if the fit-up is right with their adapter set.

    Not CT22 bags from Powertec - and the sun is setting on them from festool too.

    You should have a look at PT's vac hose with adapters for your WX5. Nice hose in anti-static or regular with 5 interchangeable fittings up to 20 ft. Reasonably priced.

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    I used a Rigid vac with an aftermarket HEPA filter and a muffler. Unfortunately the new Rigid vacs are different than the older ones and the aftermarket HEPA filters don't fit as well. After the filter fell off for about the twentieth time last February blowing sanding dust all over the shop I snapped, jumped in truck, drove to Acme, found that the Makita HEPA I wanted was out of stock, and said "gimme that Festool CT26 there" and back home I went.

    The Festool CT26 was roughly six times the cost of the Rigid + aftermarket HEPA +muffler I was using.

    Is it six times better than the Rigid? No.

    Is it worth six times as much? This is where it gets interesting.

    I find that I actually use the Festool closer to 10 times more than I did the Rigid. Why?

    • The Festool doesn't make my ears bleed, like the Rigid.
    • The hose doesn't catch on everything, like the Rigid hose did.
    • The setup doesn't tip over when I pull on the hose, like the Rigid did.
    • I can easily throttle the suction down to match my random orbit sanders and other portable tools, plus it gets quieter when I do that, not louder, like the Rigid.
    • The hose actually fits my sanders, unlike any combination of hoses I tried with the Rigid.
    • The auto-on outlet is much more convenient than messing with turning the vac on and off while sanding, routing, cutting, biscuitting, etc.
    • The input port accepts standard 2 1/4" hose, so I can use it to vacuum the floor, plus the longer cord means I don't need to get an extension cord or keep switching outlets. Did I mention it doesn't tip over?
    • Plus I actually like that it comes with a bag. The thing I hated the most about every single shop vac I have ever used is getting full of the exact dust that I was trying to avoid, every time I emptied the vac and cleaned the filter. I specifically got the Festool because you don't lose most of your bag capacity with that design, unlike many of the other HEPA extractors on the market.

    The shop is also much cleaner overall, because I now use the Festool so much more in regular shop life than I did the Rigid vac.

    So despite anticipating a ton of Buyer's Remorse after getting the Festool, after using it for a weekend, I was more regretting having not gotten one years earlier

    Regarding Nilfisk, I thought they actually made most of the HEPA extractors on the market and private labelled them for the various brands (Matkia, Bosch, etc). I even have a memory of even Festool's extractors being made by them, but mine said made in Germany not Hungary, although Nilfisk does manufacture in Germany also, so maybe it is a Nilfisk after all.
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    I discussed this in a previous thread. I have a Festool Kapex and the dust collection with a conventional shop vac was not completely effective. I checked out the Festool booth at last summer's AWFS show and in all fairness, the dust extractor they had hooked up to the Kapex was extremely effective. The only problem was that the cost of the dust extractor they recommended with the additional hose that was required pushed the purchase price to over $900.00. I began looking into alternatives and pulled the trigger on a Ridgid WD7000 from Home Depot, one of my least favorite places to buy anything. The WD7000 was rated at 203 CFM, and while it is quite possible this was inflated, I figured it had to be at least equal to if not an improvement over the Festool claim of 133CFM.

    After several months of use, I can attest to the fact that this unit is equally as effective as the Festool I demoed. Granted, I added a Bosch vacuum hose, which matched the Festool i.d. better than the hose that came with the WD7000. It also didn't require any adapters to hook up the vacuum or the saw. I also added a switch box that connects the saw with the vacuum so that the vacuum comes on automatically with the saw. I don't think I spent over $400 total for the vacuum, additional hose, and auto start switch. It would appear I have all the functionality of the Festool, in addition to the wet/dry capability of the Ridgid, for less than half the cost of the Festool.

    Oh, and as long as Home Depot stays in business, I have a lifetime warranty on the vacuum.

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    I had Flex VCE vacuum before, its rebranded Nilfisk Attix model. Worked good, no complaints. Recently switched to CT 48 as I got one used and couldn't pass up the deal ($350 with boom arm) I do notice a little better suction but Flex was used with festool seperator so maybe thats why. I did mod my Flex to work with festool bluetooth recently. Overall flex is a very good option and i got it during the black friday crazy deal of $249

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