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Thread: Bowl practice (pics)

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    Bowl practice (pics)

    If this picture posting works it will show some of the bowls I've been turning over the past few months. They don't hold up to most of what I've seen here.
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    WOW you have been busy!
    There are some whopper size bowls in that stash!
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    Excellent! Lets see some close ups.
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    Yessir there's some whoppers in there! Close ups and details next.

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    I don't see why you have to be so humble. Those are some great looking bowls. Nice forms and it looks like you've got some nice "string drop" curves with those large ones. You could make a heckuva salad and be proud to bring it to the table.
    Raymond Overman
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    They sure put me to shame! Course, that's pretty easy I reckon! Nice collection! I'd like to see some close ups too!
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    Great job and you have been busy.

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    Cecil, you have been holding out on us.... Bad Cecil, Bad. Time for lots of individual posts with lots of pictures.

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    I am impressed with your ability to produce, and the quality of the products. I also would like to see some of these close-up.
    Glenn Hodges
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    I think your getting the hang of it! Is there a bowl in front of the lamp with a handle on it?? Lamp!?!! Hey, he snuck a lamp in there !

    Dave Fried

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    So, when's the "Grand Opening" and where's your store located??? "Some" of the bowls, he says. Hurrrrrrrrmph! Cecil, close ups and details, sir!!!
    John K. Miliunas

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    Great looking collection! Kinda reminds me of that movie, "League Of Their
    Own" when the commentator says "and here's Marla Hooch!" and shows
    her deep in the outfield. For some reason they didn't want a close up of
    her? Of course i'm just kidding

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    Great collection . We must have close up pix, though.

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    Holy Moley!!!!! I thought I had a collection. Thems some big bowls you got there. I too would like to see the close ups.

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    WOW! You been busy Cecil. Looks to me like you are doing just fine!!


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