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Thread: Router Table Fence Plans

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    Red face Router Table Fence Plans

    I recently finished building a router table for my Craftsman 22114 table saw. I used the plans from Jason Sanko on this forum. The table is great, but now I need to build a fence. Does anyone have plans for a fence which would attach to my Craftsman table saw fence?
    Randy Gilbert

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    Can be mounted on any table; drilling and T-net installation required.
    Plans available at FWW No. 144

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    Thanks Pat. I've used and enjoyed your web site in the past ( and I just ordered the back issue of FWW.

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    I recently built this fence based on the plans form Pat's article in FWW and I can tell you that it is an awesome piece. The micro adjustment feature is REALLY nice.

    Pat provides Reid Supply part numbers in a seperate parts list (availale from but the numbers are the "old" numbers but if you call Reid they can remap the numbers for you with no problem. I can vouche for Reid Supply as well their customer service was very good and the order arrived promply, well packed and complete.

    If you do decide to build the fence, please take Pat's advise in the article and take the time to build extra faces for the fence. I didn't do that (ran short on material) and I regret it. Second or third time I used it the bit hit the outfeed face and lifted a nice section out of it - now I have to go back and do it.

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    great design

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