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Thread: Many ways of rust removal - investigation

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    Many ways of rust removal - investigation

    Here's a well presented video on a bunch of ways to remove rust from sandblasting, electrolysis to chemical baths using muriatic acid, ZEP, CLR, Evaporust, vinegar, citric acid, Coca Cola, and Pepsi Cola. I may have missed some.
    The testing is done quite systematically, and you can judge the results for yourself.

    have fun, Mark

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    EDTA and water is cheap, safe enough to eat and works well for me.
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    Always wanted to try electrolysis. I usually use phosphoric acid or evaporust. Not totally thrilled with either.

    I need to sandblast a houseful of door levers, so I might take that route.

    Thanks for the link, Mark.
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    Alan, Iíve set up an electrolysis tank and used it for a variety of things...hand saw plates, vises, hand plane bodies, etc. Not too much investment to set up and it works. It does remove the rust, but donít expect things to come out nice and shiny. Similar to Evaporust, surfaces are left with a dark color that will need some scrubbing. So, while it works, there is still work to be done after the process.

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