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Oh my bandsaw mill can't cut wider than 22", but that's plenty for most things. And the advantage is you can process wood a lot more efficiently and with less physical effort. I don't have any equipment; not even a truck. OK, I use my neighbor's ATV to pull my mill and log arch around but that's it. I pull the mill behind my car for mobile use and it works just fine. I bring logs home behind my car using a 3000 lb trailer with a log arch. It's all doable as a one getting old man operation.

I can't possibly use all the lumber I produce - over 8K bf this Summer. So I keep the really good stuff and sell the rest. The mill is getting cheaper by the month. In full disclosure, though, if you expect to sell much lumber you need a drying kiln. I built a solar kiln a year ago and dry everything in it, including slabs. It's my competitive advantage over all the other guys around me hawking slabs "that have been air drying for weeks", or "are partially air dry".


Thank you very much for valuable information.