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Thread: Seeking adhesive suggestions

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    Seeking adhesive suggestions

    I want to attach a couple of labels to a thing I'm making. I'm engraving the labels out of .030 Flexicolor material from Rowmark. In my first test (I'd include a photo but the forum isn't allowing me to upload one, for some reason) I used CA but it tends to squeeze out around the edges of the labels. I might be able to find just the right amount and develop the right technique to prevent this, but I'll be making more of these and I'd prefer a process that's less finicky. Can someone recommend a different adhesive?

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    In order to post photos you must be a contributor. There is a link at the top of the page and you can become a contributor for as little as $6 per year.

    Use engraver's tape instead of glue.
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    At NASA Langley years ago they had the same material that Mike referenced except it was purchased in large sheets. Back then it was called Sticky Back, very thin double sided adhesive sheets. I don't have a source for the material, if anyone finds it please let me know.

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    3M makes 2 types that I have used, 467 and 468. Both sheets and rolls. Johnson plastics can apply it to most any of their engravings material.

    I get both on Ebay or Amazon
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    Thanks Robert, I can't live without the sheet adhesive and have been low on stock for a long time.

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    Both options Robert mentioned are quality adhesives.

    Keith, this is an 18x24 adhesive sheet with carrier on both sides.

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