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    New shop DC

    I am just starting to put together my “retirement” shop. it’s a lean to on my pole barn. The space is 12 X 40. I plumbed it for a toilet and sink. Am thinking of walling off about 5 feet for the bathroom. Am also thinking of putting a suction unit in that walled off area.
    I’m starting with a table saw, planer, router table, miter saw. Loooking for recommendations. I would rather pay more and get quality.
    Do I jump right into one of the Oneida systems? What’s best for running suction to the machines?

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    I'm glad you're looking at dust collection's really important. It's no secret that I'm an Oneida fan..."it's what they do"...and I've owned two of their systems in my shop. The original was small (and is still in use in a friend's shop) and a larger one when I expanded things back in the mid-2000s. But there are some other great choices available these days, too, such as ClearVue.

    And just as an aside, dust collectors don't work using "suction". They work by moving large volumes of air at a given velocity at a relatively low static pressure. It's ALL about air movement. The more air you move, the more dust and chips you move. Vacs use high static pressure and are more optimal for small hand-held tools, cleanup via a small hose, etc.

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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