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Thread: Electrician or Plumber?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Dufour View Post
    Very odd that it is flowing out of the top and not the bottom gravity pressure would be higher on the bottom and flow more at the base.
    It may be debris has piled up in the bottom of the box and lower part of the outlet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom M King View Post
    I got a panicked called from the Wife of a friend of mine that had died not long before, so she was by herself. I was working in another State, four hours away, so couldn't go help.

    She said that water was pouring out of the breaker box (200 amp) in her basement. It was raining. She said it was enough that water was standing on the basement floor. I told her not to go down there. I asked if things in the house were still working, and she said "some things aren't". I told her to call the power company, and the local fire department to come pull the meter out of the base, and for her to go stay somewhere else. She did, and someone did pull the meter, I assume after it quit raining.

    When I got there that weekend, the weatherhead had fallen off of the conduit for the service entrance cable. The weatherhead was mounted on the two story house below the soffit. There was a joint in the guttering right above the weatherhead. The fastening system for the guttering had failed, and the 20 foot sections of gutter coming from both direction were now dumping all their water right on top of the open conduit.

    Fortunately, no one was hurt, and not a lot of food was lost in freezers.
    WOW....very scary real-world example of what is normally something funny like my OP. 'Good advice to her, to.

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