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Thread: 6 x 89 Sanding Belts

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    6 x 89 Sanding Belts


    I just picked up a new Jet 6 x 89 Oscillating sander and am looking for recommendations for brands, types, and sources for 6 x 89 belts. Despite living in the same metro area as 3M's headquarters, I'm not seeing any good local source (I do miss being able to shop at the company store). Even Acme, Rockler, and Woodcraft don't carry them and Grainger doesn't have them on hand, so I'm likely looking at ordering them from the interwebs. Thanks!

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    All mine to date have been Klingspor. Very satisfied. Industrial Abrasives have quality products as well.
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    Second Kingspor, just bought the same size belts there a couple of months ago.

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    Make sure they are the seamless--or smooth seamed type

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    I get mine from Industrial Abrasives Widebelts, too.

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    Klingspor is the only way to go. They furnish support to local WW clubs, besides having great products an prices

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    So they are the only way to go cause the support woodworking clubs? a 3 x 21 belt Klingspor says they are good for a year, 3M good for three years. My stroke sander is 6 x 309. I can use 20 year old new 3M belts and they dont come apart. Ive used Hermes 3m and others. The only one I would likely not use again were carborundum as at the time the rumour was they oversized some of he grit to make us think they cut better than competitors. They should all be making good products now and should be easy enough to find an industrial supplier and they have them made up for you. Andrew you should decide if you want to use cloth or paper. I used cloth for many years on the stroke and when I went back to paper realized I really didnt need the extra strength of cloth, I usually wore them out before I broke them.

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