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    Fence screws . ...

    I thought I would mention that I use galvanized phillips wood screws on my wooden fence to attach the vertical boards. I have a battery powered variable speed drill I use with a screwdriver bit in it.
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    If you do a lot of fencing, you should try Fasco scrails.
    They are plastic strip screws that you can fire through a nail gun.
    Nail them in, screw them out if needed.
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    Unfortunately, you will find that they rust and fail miserably compared to a quality deck screw like CAMO Screws.

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    I use stainless steel screws from an ebayer in Hawaii. When I rsue aged boards I have to predrill if they are not old growth stuff. So 50 year old boards are fine 10 year old boards will split. They have not rusted in 15 years.
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    With miles of oak board fencing over the years we have learned to just use torx drive deck screws. Work just fine with an impact gun. Depending on the board species fastened you may need to drill a clearance hole. I only wish we could get no 10 instead of 9 deck screws. Phillips and square drive cam out too easily. Not certain where this thread fits in fine woodworking but my 2 cents of 40 years experience of horse fencing.

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