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Thread: Preferred electrical receptacle devices??

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    Andrew, I used a bunch of those type of back wire outlets in my last shop. After almost twenty years, we moved from Kansas to DC area and I returned my shop to just an unfinished basement. I bet the wire was loose half of those Ďstabí connections. I saw a lot of evidence of arcing. Itís a wonder that I didnít burn the house down. In my current shop, I still backwire but with a screw clamp.
    This is why I like arc fault protection so much. Helping wiremen sleep at night since the dawn of the requirement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Feeley View Post
    makes sense. The little hole in back are 14 ga size. Iíve never seen bigger.
    The old ones, probably the first generation, had a square opening. You can see the little bent metal "grabber" in there, and may even be able to get a no. 10 in it. I'll try to remember to take some pictures whenever I get to this job. I think the ones with the holes came in the '80's.

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