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Thread: How to remove a black water stain from cherry?

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    How to remove a black water stain from cherry?

    How do you remove black water stains form cherry? The cherry is not stained and has no finish on it. The wood is very thin, so I'm afraid of sanding through it. What would you do? Thanks.

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    Barkeeper's Friend.

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    Iíve used Barkeepers friend with some success. Make a paste, apply over the stain, let sit for a few minutes, then wipe off. Repeat if needed. The challenge is to minimize the stain, but not cause a lighter spot. Restorers would likely use wood bleach applied over the entire board to help ensure an even result. May take multiple applications, and even then, may not come out completely.

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    After sanding a red oak windowsill to remove a similar black water stain, I gave up and tried Barkeepers Friend (a mild acid, but stronger than vinegar). It took multiple applications (four or more?) sitting several minutes each, but it worked.

    I didn't see significant bleaching on thr red oak, but feathered out the applications anyway as a precaution.

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    Try lemon juice.

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    Chlorine bleach worked well on red and white oak in my friend's cabin. I've also used oxalic acid (barkeeper's friend) and the 2-part bleach sold in woodworking stores. You could test the effect on the wood with some scrap. Good luck!
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