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Great project that teaches thoughtful engineering in addition to woodworking. Do you teach design and business skills in classroom settings?

I am impressed with your program and your great results. I donated.
I appreciate your donation. Scott Bradley is the founder and gets the credit, not me. Also, Scott doesn’t take a paycheck. Upstanding man. I have volunteered here for years, but a little over a year ago I left the corporate world amd became a full-time trainer. I run the shop and help with the boatbuilding instruction as well. We are about to build a huge 30,000sft building with classrooms. Right now I do all of the instruction in the shop. It is hard when the laser shop air compressor kicks in, or one of the boat crew fires up a saw while I am teaching. We have boatbuilding, metalworking, woodworking, signmaking (CNC amd Laser) all under one roof, with the CNC and Laser being a room of its own, and the shop is an open-air pole building. When it rains sideways, stuff gets wet. We also have chickens that come roost at night and poop on stuff we built. All that will change with the new building. A deal is in the making now for the land!