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Thread: RIP Alex Trebek

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    RIP Alex Trebek

    Just reading that Jeopardy host Alex Trebek has passed away, age 80.

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    That is sad news.
    Please help support the Creek.

    During the middle ages they celebrated the end of the plague with wine and orgies. Does anyone know if there is anything planned when this one ends?


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    Watched the show frequently. Didn't look 80 or sick. RIP Alex. Wonder who is taking over the show?
    NOW you tell me...

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    One of the best voices and relaxed, friendly guys to ever be on TV. In his younger, and unmarried days, he was quite
    popular with the ladies. But told no tales. Answered no questions....sounds like no one tried giving an answer .....and
    waited for the question. I hope that never made Alex think " they still don't understand the show". Gonna miss him
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    He has had pancreatic cancer for last year and a half. He knew it was fatal... Sad...
    I expect Ken Jennings to take over, but hope not...
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    Very sad when I read that earlier, but what a spirit that man had not only to face the situation with his head held high but also to have the wherewithal to do battle successfully for so long. That's about the worst kind of cancer to face. If you have the opportunity, find the video of Michael Strahan interviewing Alex not long ago for GMA. It was very touching to hear and see the man speak about what he clearly understood to be his own mortality.

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    I have watched him since I was young, very sad, it's like an end of an era. They will get a new host, but will never be the same.

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    Just discussing with the wife what class act and gentleman Alex was. Faced the cancer very bravely and lived out his life with determination. He leaves some big shoes for someone to fill on the game show. Wife's mother passed away earlier this year from pancreatic cancer. Tough way to go out, just waste away in pain.

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    I really enjoy the show and much of it is because of Alex. The show is a necessary moment of dignified competition showcasing intellect and mutual respect for each other.
    In the Big Brother era, it is a remnant that is sorely needed. Alex set the tone for the show, by being professional, accommodating, cordial but also factual and unapologetic. You're either right or wrong.

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    I'm sorry to hear of his passing. He always seemed like a genuine gentleman.

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    There are enough shows prerecorded to run through Christmas. Will be interesting to see if the shows near the end show a more strained demeanor reflecting his struggles with the pain. To go to about 10 days before his demise is something in itself. He will be missed by many.

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    What I found endearing was his almost awkward but earnest jokes with the contestants. I also loved-hated his perfect pronunciations of foreign words - not just French, and the way he expected people to know some answers or even knew enough to say “good guess but wrong”. It demonstrated more preparedness and attention to detail than superiority. He never seemed to phone it in.

    He was just a perfect, prepared gentleman.

    There was always something reassuring about Jeopardy. At the end of a hard day, a stressful listen of the news, a scuffle with the family, there was jeopardy to lighten the mood and bring everyone together.

    I do hope Ken Jennings is his successor. I can think of nobody more worthy.
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    I found this tribute/story about Alex Trebek to be quite touching. It's in the first 2 minutes of this video.
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