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Thread: Building a vinyl record storage cabinet

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    beautiful! im collecting solid stock slowly, and for free to build something like this for my office.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike stenson View Post
    Oh that turned out really nice! I may have to steal some of that design
    Thank you. Have at it, Mike. Nothing truly original under the sun anymore.
    Still waters run deep.

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    I wish you well. That’s going to take a lot of stock, but it will be worth the wait.
    Still waters run deep.

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    That's beautiful work, very impressive. My records are stored in a tall shelf unit made from aspen lumber. It's quite ugly, but since only the edges show the ugly is mostly hidden.

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    Great project-your design choices worked well! And nice selection of 'demo' albums

    "You can observe a lot just by watching."
    --Yogi Berra

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    Zachary and Christopher,

    Thank you for the kind words. I know the record collection lives on a 10+ year old ikea cube shelf. About time for an upgrade!
    Still waters run deep.

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    Love this. I only have about 400 LPs and was thinking about selling them. Perhaps I should rethink that, if no other reason than the artwork. I do miss looking at the covers and inserts in a size that's big enough to enjoy. CD covers/inserts just aren't the same. Very well executed.

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    Great project idea! I love the idea of how to best organize, and display LPs!

    Independent of the engineering/hardware questions, Iím interested in the overall design. I guess, depending on the number of albums this could be a real sizable project, creating lots of opportunities for front/top display services or you might be able to show up a little.

    Thanks for posting, look forward to seeing the rest of your progress.

    Best, Mike

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    Thank you! You should keep your LPs and build something similar!


    Yes! There are lots of different ways something like this could be configured. In this case the client told me how much storage they wanted (with room to grow) and I designed and dimensioned it accordingly. Itís huge...nearly 10í long in total with both cabinets side by side.

    Since posting photos and videos of this one elsewhere online I have received serious interest from a small handful of others asking about different configurations - one single 4 drawer unit with open shelves on each end in Alaskan Yellow Cedar / Cherry and a another inquiry that includes the same type of framed display as part of a floor to ceiling built-in type unit. Iím open to all of it and would love to build more variations of this credenza.

    Thanks for the comment. I have seen your work on here in the past and itís stunning.
    Still waters run deep.

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