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Thread: Aloris CXA Tool Post

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    Aloris CXA Tool Post

    OMGoodness,I can't believe how much these cost. Which is way out of my league, even if I had funds I still can't see how it can be worth that much. Just wondering and I know its "Aloris" but are they that much better than any others? Reason for asking I was given some Aloris tool holders so I was wanting Aloris tool post but that's lot of money. So going to search the used market see if I can find one that be cheaper than new for my wanna be hobby machinist. Again how can they be worth that kind money?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carroll Courtney View Post
    ... "Aloris" ....
    CXA size is pretty industrial. It's not going to be cheap (at least not with any quality.)

    I've used Phase-II BXA tool post & holders. (TechShop, R.I.P., had them on their metal lathes.) They seem perfectly usable and high enough quality no one complained about accuracy and they were sturdy enough they held up to a shared shop space abuse just fine. Phase-II should be cheaper than Aloris.

    Shars should be even cheaper, but I don't have experience. Yuasa is another brand I've noticed, but I know even less about.
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    The Aloris tool post is the Rolls Royce of quick-change TP’s. Worth the cost if you are in business and doing high precision lathe work. They repeat within a tenth or two all day, every day. Way over kill for hobby work. I have an old Aloris clone ENCO TP that repeats within a thou or two. Plenty good for everything I do.
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    I have a no name made in china QCTP and holders from ebay. I have two aloris brand toolholders. They are defenately higher quality radiused edges all around. Smoother finish on the grinding etc. Not worth the extra money to a hobby metal worker like me. Probably last longer with better material and hardening. I expect the china ones to last my lifetime.One Aloris I bought at a flea market with a good boring bar for $7.00.
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