I've bought a few things from Grizzly. Had a problem with my 8" jointer about a misprint in the catalog. The spiral head they sold me would not fit, and they took the entire jointer back and paid for return shipping as well. I think their customer service is quite good compared to some.

In today's tool world, most of the machines are made by the same 2-3 companies in either China or Taiwan. You can see how different companies are selling the same machine with only minor differences in paint and specs.

It's not always the case, but you'll have better luck with Taiwanese made heavy machinery, so look for the factory. Grizzly, Laguna, Powermatic, Jet, Rikon, Baileigh, Oliver. Not much difference in those brands.

Grizzly sells direct and they can beat others on price because there is no dealer mark-up. Other brands like Oliver and doing the same and going direct to the customer.