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Thread: Why are wood fillers sold in tubs with flat tops?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mel Fulks View Post
    Because they kept falling over when they had crew-cuts
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Lehnert View Post
    My guess so they will stack well on the shelves of the big box stores.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Zellers View Post
    I don't know- I think you had an opportunity to bill them extra for the 'Spontaneous Art'. I liked it!
    I mean- if it works for Jackson Pollock...

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    They used to have gallon paint cans with big screw on lids. No longer sold. I asked why sales guy said they dried out on the shelf. You have to religiously clean the threads or it will dry and stick so it can not be opened. They do sell pint paint samples in little screw top plastic jars. Lowes 5 gallon pails of paint the lid/spout pulls out and does not really reseal. If left out side in the rain the pail will have a full five gallons in it regardless of how much it started with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce Wrenn View Post
    I buy LACO flux, and it comes in plastic jars with screw tops. Buy a large container and put some of it in smaller container to keep on the truck. HD's new paint can is total plastic, except for the wire handle. The screw on spout is
    Which brand of paint at HD has the plastic paint container with screw on top? The pictures on HD's website still show everything as having the pound on lids. Menards has Dutch Boy (I think that is the brand) paint with screw on lids and an integrated pour spout.

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