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Thread: Fair price for black ash and birch?

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    Fair price for black ash and birch?

    What would be a fair price for dry, stickered rough cut 4/4 birch and black ash? Thanks, Rick
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    My local purveyor is offering 4/4 Alaska birch for $6.30/bf, $7.30/ bf if >9" wide. Eastern yellow birch is $7.35/8.35 reflecting freight to Alaska. All kiln dried, usually 6-12% MC according to my firewood meter. Local EMC is 11%.

    My local guy doesn't list black ash on his price list. Black ash is a fair sized bush when mature this far north.

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    Fair to you may be cheap to me or very expensive to someone else. Around me, yellow birch is $2-$3 per board foot if buying from a small local mill, or a dollar or two more if buying at retail. No black ash, but white ash is about the same as the birch although it's been increasing due to EAB kill. If I'm buying a bulk lot out of someone's barn or shed, not more than a buck or buck-fifty per BF. I can get cherry for $3 and walnut for $6 and it's all locally grown, sawn and air-dried to 12% EMC.
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