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Thread: Open Systems Gravostyle 98

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    Open Systems Gravostyle 98

    Hello everyone, newbie to the forum here and hope I'm doing this correctly.

    My problem is:
    Have an original PC from New Hermes loaded with Open Systems Gravostyle 98. The operating system is Windows 98. Have been running it all these years and the only thing I have had to do is replace the power supply a couple years ago. Recently the operating system has struggled to start. When it gets to the main screen showing desk top it freezes. I keep restarting until I can dbl click on the program shortcut to get the DOS program to started. Never turn off the machine once I get it going. The BACK-UPS battery died and had to start it again and I was lucky and got it going. I feel it is going to fail completely and will not be able to get the software to open.
    Do not have a copy of the software as it was already loaded on the PC when purchased and Hew Hermes did not send a copy with

    My question:
    I can get to the DOS command prompt without loading Windows, but do not know the folder or the name of the .exe to start the program.
    Is there anyone out there that can tell me the path to the file and the name of the file?
    Has anyone tried this before, starting the DOS program from the DOS command prompt?

    Thanks for any and all help!

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    Have you attempted to Ghost the HD and move to another computer. I run Win 98, XP and Win 10, in my shop due to the same problems with old tech that runs strickly on DOS.

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    As far as I know, "Open System" aka "Opensys" and "Gravostyle 98" are 2 different programs. Opensys is run in DOS, Gravo98 runs in Windows. Opensys was supplied on floppy disks, Gravo on CD, and requires a dongle...
    Like I said, as far as I know -

    The folder you're looking for in DOS is "opensys", and I THINK the run program is "ITFEMAIN" (or similar to that)- Look for and try those. When I get a minute I'll see what else I can dig up--
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    Hi Mark,
    That is on my list of to do.
    Have the same going on here, 98, XP and 10

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    Hi Kev,
    You're right, I have Opensys, no dongle and runs in DOS.
    If you have opensys, could you explore and see the path and name of .exe file for me?
    Thank you!

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    As mentioned above the program folder is C:\opensys\ ... I think the program is ITFEMAIN, or might be CFMAIN-- I'm trying to install my floppy on a winXP but running into compatibility issues, and the floppy has corrupted files. I have a hard drive copy somewhere, trying to locate it. But for sure, unless the original owner changed the name, c:\opensys is the folder, if there's no ITFEMAIN just try running other exe files--

    hopefully I can locate the copy--
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    I tried the info you gave me, but could not get the old PC to boot into Command mode, so gave up on it...ugh Have since got a newer PC with the OPensys program on it. Posted a new problem on a different thread to you. Hope you see it and can help.
    Thanks so much!

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