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Thread: Sandpaper for water-based finishes

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    Sandpaper for water-based finishes

    Apologies if this has been asked and answered, but wondering what sandpaper brands/types are compatible and won't create any problems with water-based finishes. Both for sanding prior to finshing and between coat sanding? I usually just have a hodge podge of stuff in my shop, but trying to somewhat standardize going forward.
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    there's no magic with sandpaper. Some people say don't use stearated, but that would be about it. Most 'normal' woodworking or automotive sandpapers are non-stearated and they all work fine.

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    Hardly a finishing expert. I did have a problem with stearated once with oil based poly.

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    What Prashun said...just always clean off the workpiece thoroughly after abrading before moving on to the next finishing step. Don't use mineral spirits to do that. If you need to wet to get fine dust off with a lint-free cloth, use alcohol on bare wood and spritz with just water once the finishing has started. MS leaves a small amount of residue behind.

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    Stearated or not, doesn't seem to make a difference with any finish I've ever used. I think Flexner or Jewitt studied it once and concluded stearated sandpaper had no negative effect with WB finishes.


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