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Thread: Xenetech Beware

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    Xenetech Beware

    Just wanted to caution anyone that still runs Xenetech equipment to not pay in advance for any parts, new equipment, or upgrades from Xenetech. My apologies if this is already posted somewhere else.

    I bought my engraving shop in Jan. 2020 which included 3 Xenetech machines. Two lasers and an rotary engraver. The former owners had nothing but good things to say about Xenetech. In July, my larger laser was starting to have problems with the laser power falling off most likely a CO2 needing recharged. I researched getting this re-charged but decided to ask Xenetech about an replacement. "Guy" at Xenetech sold me on getting an Iradion laser upgrade that would drop into my machine and make it better than new. Told me about all the scams surrounding companies that recharge lasers and did a great job of selling me on an upgrade. Hey.... I had no worries as everything I heard about Xenetech was how great they were. I was wrong. Xenetech required that I pay for the upgrade upfront by wire transfer which I did. Guy said the lead time would be about 2 weeks. This payment was thousands of dollars. Again, I had no worries based on everything I had heard.

    We are now in October and no laser, my emails are not responded too and I can get nothing from them other than be patient. I decided to check the Better Business Bureau which I should have done to begin with. Xenetech has many complaints of taking payments up front for parts and in one case an entire new machine but no delivery and no refund. There are so many small engraving shops that have had this happen that we are collecting contact info to pool our resources to go after them. Just go the BBB and type in Xenetech Global. Read the complaints. Mine is going to be filed this week.

    Long story short is please don't pay them in advance for anything. Make them send the replacement part or upgrade to you first and then pay only if it works. Based on the people I have made contact with, Xenetech owes in excess of $100K to shops that have paid in advance and received nothing. If anyone here is in the situation please respond or email me.

    I'm new to Sawmill Creek. I hope this can stay up long enough to help others that may be in my situation. Maybe if enough of us get together we can recover some of the money we have given them.

    Thank You

    Jim Morris
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    Your not the first to complain about Xenetech here. I also had a problem with Xenetech concerning software bugs when we purchased a new machine, my thread is still here if you want the details. FWIW they never provided the software fix.

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    I was told by a long time Xenetech distributor not to buy their equipment as they may not survive much longer. That was about a year ago when I was considering a used mechanical engraver.
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    Hi Jim,

    Thanks for sharing your story. I just posted mine. I hope this can help people so we don't have to get more calls from other honest small business owners with similar stories to ours!

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    So I need a new lense for my Xenetech laser, any suggestions?
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    I would look on ebay or online for independent resellers. You can try but I do not believe they carry Xenetech since they were purchased by Trotec.

    If you must go through Xenetech, I would not send payment until the item is received and in good/working condition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Malone View Post
    So I need a new lense for my Xenetech laser, any suggestions?
    I'd maybe give the guys at American Photonics a call. They should be able to come up with something to help you out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Malone View Post
    So I need a new lense for my Xenetech laser, any suggestions?

    If you just need "the lens" find Cloudray Laser on Ebay. Measure the diameter of your current lens and choose your focus distance, normally 2"/50.8mm. They won't last forever if you clean them often but at $30-ish each they cost many time less than the spendy lenses.

    If you want a spendy lens, a company called II-VI makes great lenses, but you have to buy the US versions to get the great ones
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    That sounds like my best option Kev, itís a very small diameter lense and is just cemented into the holder. Last time I called Xenetech they wanted $500.00 for one! Thanks!
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    I need to post that Xenetech returned my money yesterday after holding it for two months and no laser. I believe without the publicity of this forum, I would not have gotten it back. I would suggest if you need to buy a part from Xenetech do it with a credit card only. If they don't ship the part you can get your money back through your card company easy. I hope they can get their act together and take care of the others that they owe.


  11. Good for you Jim.

    I have 3 Xenetech machines and have been a customer for decades. I ordered a fourth machine in October 2017 and sent $13,400.00 USD in good faith. The machine was never delivered. I cancelled the order and asked for my deposit back. I was given every reason imaginable as to why they could not return my funds. To this day (November 2020) I have not seen a penny back from Xenetech. Buyer beware my friends. Do not send money in advance to this company, it will be gone. It is borderline criminal how the company is managed.

    Randall Flaman
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    And I just want to add that we never got our money back as well and it's been a year. Happy for Jim getting his back but there are still many other companies like mine who have not been paid back yet.

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