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Thread: Xenetech Beware

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    Having had personal experience with ULS, Epilog and for the last 14 years with Trotec, I can say that all were upfront and honest in all their dealings with me. I am an especially big fan of Trotec.
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  2. My business has also been hustled out of A LOT of money. Printcraft Marking Devices, Inc. Kenmore NY..........$24,462.50!!!

    We have been doing business with Xenetech since 2007 when we purchased a rotary engraver....In 2012 we purchased a laser engraver from them. In December of 2019 we decided to purchase a complimentary laser engraver from Xenetech. After speaking with Guy Barone he stated that we should send the full amount. (At that point we were told they no longer take Visa or Master Card). Since we had been dealing with Xenetech for such a long time without any problems we sent $24,462.50.......Yes that is correct....The full amount.....Why would we think anything was wrong?

    Well like all the others listed here on Sawmill Creek with complaints, the same sequence of events occurred. Numerous calls and emails to Guy Barone and Xenetech throughout 2020 with excuse after excuse. We are waiting for a part...we are shutting down for awhile because of a Hurricane.. We did for awhile try to play nice but within the past few weeks when I asked for a refund the communication has stopped. The list on Sawmill Creek of people who have been taken for money is just the tip of the iceberg There are others listed on BBB complaints website. So now it has come down to executing any possible avenue to retrieve our money back. Yes FTC....Attorney General for our state as well as Louisiana. There are some other possibilities. Guy Barone was interviewed about Xenetech in the 4th quarter of 2019 by the "Greater Baton Rouge Business Reports". I would think that maybe they would look into how Xenetech is currently working people out of their hard earned money. There is also the possibility of contacting the television stations in Baton Rouge. These are WAFB and WBRZ. Both of these stations have Investigative reporters. They both have on their header an Investigations button where you can email them direct or even call in. At this point we should all join together and make as much noise as possible so that this does not happen to anyone else. Russ Wuertzer-Printcraft Marking Devices

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    Hi Jim,

    I am very sorry to hear about this recent issue with Epilog. That concerns me because we were also going to look into Epilog and Trotec as our next engraver. I think COVID has caused a lot of companies to not do their best lately. Russ was telling us about Boss Laser, nothing but good things so maybe you can look into that.

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    Thank you Kev for your reassurance. You certainly have gotten your monies worthy from your machines. My old Xenetech 13x13 is still a work horse after 20+ years. I recently retired my LaserPro Mercury and replaced it with a Mercury III which has had some problems from the beginning. Y-axis goes bumpety-bump and does not vector cut a smooth elipsis. Circles turn into bumpy ovals. Not satisfactory. But, I have a tech from GCC trying to figure it out. My old laser probably needed recharging is all. I did replace the motherboard, z and x moter and rail components over the years but it has worked like a charm. I haven't sold it yet.

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    GCC used to, maybe still does -?- recommend greasing the rail bearings. Back to this in a moment-

    As I noted in my last post, I had to replace the X-rail brearing. Only a couple of years before I bought it the original owner replaced the same bearing...
    - below is a screenshot from my GCC owner's manual:
    -you'll notice it states to "lubricate the groove of rails with PS2 grease"

    So-- I bought my replacement bearing direct from the manufacturer, and spoke with an engineer, who told me that greasing linear rail bearings--THEIRS at least-- is a big no-no! He said to lube ONLY with light machine oil, and very sparingly at that, that's all they need. I couldn't argue, as the rail bearings on my now almost 17 year old Gravograph LS900 have never been lubed at all by me, and it's amazing how, with the belt removed, how easily and smoothly the lens head glides along the entire rail path. A small push and it'll glide across the entire 24" while barely slowing down. And no discernible free-play whatsoever, in any direction...

    The engineer explained that the problem with grease is, there's literally no room for grease in the bearing housing, and as it builds up it will actually push bearing balls out. I know this to be true, I found 2 bearing balls on the table one day. Once I pulled the bearing off, I could see where they were supposed to be!

    -- anyway, that's why not to use grease!

    So THAT all said-- -- When I put my new bearing on the rail- which is still the original rail, it was quite rough when rolling. It was simply a bit too tight from the get-go, and I ran the machine for several hours under no power just to break in the bearing. Since I don't use the machine every day, it's still tight, but the bumpty-bumps are pretty much gone.

    I'm just wondering if you may just have an extra-snug bearing? And if the factory greased it, that might exaggerate it...
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    Xenetch made a quality machine for many years. It is disheartening to see the way this has gone. If we can help in any way- support for tubes themselves, general technical questions, or possible contacts for tech support- please feel free to reach out. (Obviously, although we feel your pain, there is nothing we can do to help those who have suffered financial loss, but maybe we can help those who now have essentially unsupported equipment.)
    Jean Fostini/ Evergreen Laser

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    Hi Jean, good to hear from you! (actually, it's good to hear from anybody! )

    Hope all's well with you and yours

    and-- ever get the mirror issues straightened out?
    ELEVEN - rotary cutter tool machines
    FOUR - CO2 lasers
    THREE- make that FOUR now - fiber lasers
    ONE - vinyl cutter
    CASmate, Corel, Gravostyle

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