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Thread: Mounting solid desk top to metal base

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    Mounting solid desk top to metal base

    I have a electric sit/stand desk DIY base kit and glued up a nice wenge and zebrawood top for it. The metal arms for attaching to the top were clearly not made to deal with wood movement.

    One line of screws is pretty close to the center of the table. I thought about leaving those as normal and reaming out the rest of the holes to allow for breadthwise movement (screws then mounted with washers). Better/less invasive ideas?

    Screen Shot 2020-10-17 at 9.20.20 PM.png

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    The row of screws near the desk middle have fewer screws so why not elongate the holes in the metal in the direction of the wood movement (rock the drill back and forth). Leave the edge screws as they are. Spring washers on the middle screws will keep the tension but allow movement.
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    Thanks for info

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