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Thread: Interesting seasonal day trip in NE Ohio

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    Interesting seasonal day trip in NE Ohio

    Lake View cemetery in Cleveland Ohio is a beautiful and fascinating place to visit. Many interesting and famous folks are buried there, and many of the grave markers are far from the plain slabs of granite buried in the ground you often see.

    My wife and I headed over on a recent gorgeous fall morning to view an exhibit there called "Moonlight in the gates". Here's the description from the web site:

    "Lake View Cemetery is celebrating its 150th year by revealing itself in a new light, specifically lunar light. Throughout 2018 beneath each month’s full moon, artist Michael Weil spent solitary evenings locked inside the gates of Lake View Cemetery photographing the monuments, grounds, and mood of one of Cleveland’s most celebrated outdoor spaces.

    From frigid, still January nights to blustery snow storms into cool blossoming spring and humid summer midnights and breezy autumnal crow-time (just before dawn), Michael roamed Lake View’s extensive un-lit, park-like grounds to experience this familiar space in a wholly unfamiliar light. A transformative and personal project now has become a public presentation and celebration.

    The outdoor works (45 large prints) will be on view throughout the cemetery into the Fall of 2020."

    The metalized, black and white photos are scattered throughout the huge cemetery, encouraging folks to explore.

    You might think a cemetery is an odd place for a casual visit, but we really enjoyed the beauty and serenity, the photos and the interesting grave sites.

    A few pics:




    The last photo shows a few of the photos from the exhibit.

    If you're looking for something covid safe to do, and in the spirit of the approaching holiday, think about a visit to Lake View.
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    That's interesting Paul. Thanks for posting!
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    I like the concept and would enjoy a quiet walk there. Thanks for sharing.

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    Lake View is really nice, my grandparents and a couple great-grandparents are there, so I've had occasion to visit.

    The other cemetery that is well worth a visit for architecture, as a botanical garden, and a top birding spot especially during migration, is the Mt. Auburn cemetery in Cambridge MA.

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    Mausoleum in Oakland does concerts at the solstice. Those are not books on the shelves.
    Bill D.

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