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Thread: Modify Red Dot Blob to Red Dot Pulse

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    Modify Red Dot Blob to Red Dot Pulse

    I posted this on RDWorks lab too.

    Hi, I've only had my laser a week, and didn't like the Comet Tail on the red dot blob (for lack of better explanation).

    So I slid the Red Dot Pointer back up the hole until face was flush with bottom.
    Took an index card stock, and kept pulsing laser holes in it a different Z to make different diameters. See pic.

    Then I held index card flat against face of Red Dot assembly, moving to each dia. hole until I liked what I saw, which was about the 5th one down.

    Burned a larger hole in some electrical tape, and cut the 5th hole out and attached to tape, adjusted on face of mount until happy, then looped split ends of tape up and over mount.

    Pulse a tiny hole in the wood, then move new tiny Red Dot onto hole and lock it down. I did find that an open end 3/8" wrench over the round housing allowed me to move fwd and bk, while the swing arm was left and right.

    Hope this helps someone else, took me about 10 mins.
    Its an incredible difference when you block 90% of the Red Dot blob.
    See before and after pics.

    80w Blk/Red 5070 Ruida 6442G
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