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Thread: Guess That Estimate!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Turkovich View Post
    Am I reading this right??? This was 100% covered by insurance?????

    OMG are we getting screwed in Michigan!
    What's the state have to do with it? Up here in BC, liability insurance is purchased from the government run insurance company but I choose to buy my collision and comprehensive (which this would be covered by) from a private company and I can choose zero deductible coverage if I'm willing to pay the higher premium (which I'm not). Even if I bought that coverage from the government, I could choose the deductible level I was willing to pay for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug Garson View Post
    What's the state have to do with it?
    In the US, coverage options/costs can vary from state to state. Michigan is infamous for having high rates due to its no-fault coverage (which recently changed - supposedly for the better). Zero deduction plans have been always been available but they would never cover the deck opening trim panel defect.
    "Don't worry. They couldn't possibly hit us from that dist...."

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    Every grit size from 120 up to 3k in 2-2/4" rolls of sandpaper, a set of Durablock sanding blocks, Bondo, or maybe just air dry glazing putty, new variable speed buffer of your brand choice, 3M Perfect-It pads, and sauce for the buffer, Iwata LPH80 spray gun, 3m PPS system, Quart of Duplicolor, or fancier paint, and clearcoat, masking paper and tape, and a few hours work, and you will still keep over half the estimate in your pocket-maybe even 2/3's, and have the best of the best equipment for doing this work left over.

    It's not hard work, and I'm sure you can do it. You'll have enough stuff left over to do many more similar jobs. I expect you already have a compressor.

    google: how to use guide coat and you will pick up enough tips to know how to prepare a surface for painting.

    edited to add: This one has some tips on blending into existing paint that should be helpful:
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