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Thread: Positioning blanks without camera.

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    Positioning blanks without camera.

    Hey all.

    I'm very new to the group and very new to laser engraving. I'm seeking some advise, I have an inexpensive Ortur unit with the 20w laser. I'm trying to make some small jewelry and and keychains and would like to be able to reproduce items. Without a camera, how do you go about creating templates and getting the blanks in exactly the same place each time? any advise would be helpful. I understand that I don't have the best hardware but it is something to get me going without spending a small fortune.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You can put a piece of paper, cardboard, sheet of anodized aluminum, or similar in your machine registered to the top left corner, then lightly vector the object's outline onto that. Position the object aligned over the outline and engrave (after resetting focus appropriately). Rinse and repeat. For easier positioning, use thicker cardboard or something else that your laser can cut, and cut the outline all the way through. Remove the cutout and use the "well" to quickly position and align each object for engraving. Of course, you can use as many outlines/cutouts as you can fit, and then engrave multiple objects in one go rather than one at a time.

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    Mount the unit to a board (I have the same system...'just haven't use it yet) so you can locate stops to position the workpieces in the exact same position for a "production run". Consider incorporating additional optical shielding, too, due to the type of laser we have on these machines. That's one reason I haven't turned mine on yet...I haven't had time to setup the environment yet to kick the safety up a little bit. (The other reason has been no time to learn the software which is different than my CNC setup)

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