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Thread: Triton Router in router table

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    Triton Router in router table

    Is anyone using one of the larger TRA001 Triton routers in a router table? I am looking to retire my Bosch 1617 from table duty and build a new dedicated router table, and was looking at different routers to use. I have seen a couple older reviews that praised the smaller Triton router, but was wondering if any of you have "real-world" experience with them? If so, have you found any specific limitations, or maybe features that are outstanding enough to overcome any limitations? I've also looked at the larger offerings from DeWalt, Bosch and Milwaukee, but none of them had anything special to distinguish them from the others. The Triton's above-table adjustment and dust collection shroud are a selling point for me. I also do not intend to use a lift, it appears that the adjustment mechanism on the Triton will alleviate the need for a lift. Saves me a lot of $$.
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    Jon, I will relate my experiences and you can draw your own conclusions. I too, purchased a Triton because it is designed for table use and has above the table bit changing which is an excellent feature.

    About 6 months after installing it, I noticed a distinct "drop" began to occur when the lock was released. After a bit of inspection, I realized there was backlash in the height adjustment screw. It appeared when the motor is running, vibration caused the screw to back off a bit, so when the lock is released, the collect drops to a lower height. This is the TRA001 3HP model.

    It got worse and worse so I got in touch with Triton. Their answer to me was "its the nature of the beast". Not a very satisfactory answer! Although they offered to send it a repair shop, I declined, reasoning if it was inherent to the machine, it would not help to replace the gears.

    It could have been my particular model, but I've had others share similar experiences over another forum.

    This is just my experience, they may have fixed the issue on newer models. Somewhere I thought I read they upgraded the gears in the height adjustment mechanism. I have read where others have the unit and it works fine.

    I ended up biting the bullet and buying a Jessem MastRLift & Powertek motor with remote control. My router table is a joy to use now.

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    I've had a Triton in my router table for a number of years. I like the above the table bit changes with my Veritas router table and the micro height adjustment isn't to bad to deal with. When the speed controller started acting up last year I bought another Triton. Mine has a lever to lock the height and I've never had a problem (as long as I remember to use it).

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    I have the Tra001 in my table and am completely happy with it. Have not had the issue described by Robert above. The above the table fine height adjust is great, as it the automatic collet lock for bit changing. You do need to use the lock lever all the time, which is a bit of a disadvantage compared to using some lifts, but for me the two seconds it takes to reach under the table and lock/unlock is no issue. One other minor thing: If you are using an external power switch and will therefore normally leave the integral router power switch in the on position, be aware that you must turn the router switch off before you can move the router to the bit change/collet locked position. This is a good thing from a safety perspective, but it does mean a bit a fumbling under the table to turn the switch off when you want to change bits.

    I have an enclosed table hooked up my dust collector, so I can't speak to how well (or not) the integrated dust collection works since I don't use it.
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    I have the 3hs router and it was fine for about a year until the gear broke and can no longer use the lift. I intend to get it fixed but haven't yet. I think the new ones have a metal gear but not sure.
    Other wise a great router.

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    I have had the Triton TRA001 3-1/4 hp router in my router table for about 4 years. It works well for me. You do have to make sure you lock it once you have the bit height adjusted. I will replace it with another one unless I find something that I think might be better at the time.

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    I use Bosch...

    I use Bosch GFF 1600 (in the US, Bosch MRP23EVS with a fixed base) without a lift system. I adjust height from plate surface, there is a lot of power and it has a reasonable dust collection built in the router base with included parts.

    It was cheap and easy to construct myself the base using a piece of polycarbonate... actually I made three of them with different diameter openings to best fit different sized router bits.

    It works for me.
    All the best.


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    I used a TRA001 for several years in a shop made router table before upgrading to a new Sawstop inline table. The TRA001 wouldn't work in the dust collection box so I switched to a PC. I had no issues with the TRA001 and would still be using it but for the dc box.
    As for the dropping issue - that can be minimized or eliminated by always setting the height after raising the cutter, never after lowering it. Raising takes up the slack in the gears. That's also true for table saws or any other tool that uses a worm gear mechanism for raising and lowering.

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