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Thread: Drawer Rails for Bathroom Vanity Drawers

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    Drawer Rails for Bathroom Vanity Drawers

    I'm currently designing and will be making us a new bathroom vanity. The design isn't complete yet but I've shown a pic of the current state.

    I'd like to add drawer rails that extend fully and have soft close. I know the rails on the sides will be the strongest but I'd like to hide the rails underneath if possible.

    Do you have any suggestions for drawer rails?

    Bathroom Vanity.jpg

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    Blum undermount

    Making sawdust regularly, occasionally a project is completed.

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    Not sure what drawer rails means. If you mean drawer slides, then yes Blum Undermount, but back of drawers need a notch.


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    Not sure what you mean by "rails on the sides will be the strongest" - there are plenty of undermount slides rated for 100 or 200lbs of load.

    Likewise, plenty of options for soft close and full extension drawer slides. Pretty much standard for new kitchens - even Ikea cabinets come with them.

    Blum 563H is what you want.

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    Quality undermounts like Blum's Tandem line are the only way to go with any residential cabinetry. Drawer fabrication can be tricky for the uninitiated, but performance and aesthetics can't be beat. Side mounts should be relegated to commercial fixtures and garage storage. Wooden runners are only for pretentious customers.

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    blum sales guy steered me to Moventos years back as they are the upgraded version of the Bluemotion. At the time he said most were switching to Moventos. I returned the tandems.

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