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Thread: Refrigerators

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    How old is your fridge?
    What brand?
    Does your wife like it?
    Ever had a new compressor?
    Ever had one die after moving or storing it?
    What brand would you buy next?

    Iíll go first

    19 yr
    KitchenAide Cabinet depth
    no compressor
    Every single one died after moving except this one.
    Maybe LG

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    -Three Years
    -No, she does not like it.
    -No new compressor, but the ice maker is a nightmare, requiring forced defrosts every six months, and the subject of class action law suits.
    -Moved a Sears Kenmore from Virginia to Turkey, to Italy and back to Virginia where it became the garage fridge and lived a happy life until we bought a new kitchen fridge and rotated it out. Never died....just faded away like a good soldier.
    -Not sure what we would buy next, but NOT a Samsung!

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    10 -15 years
    Kenmore, bottom freezer
    We like using it, but are underwhelmed with the quality
    No compressor failure, but it's gone through 3 defrost sensors and 3 circulating fans. And they're a bitch to change.
    Haven't moved with it.
    Any North American brand is off my list.

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    6 years (both units)
    LG, French Door (both)
    we like them -- they are basically same except one is cabinet depth
    No compressor failure
    Have only moved it to new house in neighborhood
    Would but LG again but would research others as well.

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    Separate frig and freezer, 45 years old.
    One gas topup in frig, on its third thermostat but still going strong.
    5 moves no problems.

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    2-3 years
    Sub-Zero Freezer on the bottom
    Yes - Ice maker works well
    No compressor problems
    No - haven't moved with it.

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    Samsung- bought Nov. 2019. 38 days old it failed completely. all circuit boards died. Repaired and working fine since. Only reason for purchase was 10 year warranty.
    Had a Frigidaire for 6 years. Had trouble with it from the first month until it completely died. Repair would cost more than a new fridge. Never Frigidaire again.
    The Frigidaire replaced a Kenmore (no frills) that is still going strong after 35+ years in my daughters house. Wish I still had that one, but wife HAD to have the fancy one with french doors.

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    Kenmore Elite. French doors, freezer on the bottom.SWMBO loves it. Age 12 years+, we had one repair, I think it was a fan. Otherwise no problems.

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    Two weeks ago we replaced our 5 year old EXPENSIVE Samsung with a basic Whirlpool, Bottom Freezer, ice maker located in freezer.
    After struggling for over 2 years with the Samsung, we finally gave up and bought a brand from a LOCAL appliance store that has a reputable service department. No one will work on a Samsung. If you doubt me, just google Samsung + refrigerator problems. Thousands of complaints!!

    So.....a few things I learned. Buy from a dealer that has a reputable service dept. Home Depot and big box stores do not have their own service depts and farm out their work. You cannot determine who comes to repair your appliance. Second, get an extended warranty for a refrigerator. Third, do your homework before you buy. I did none of these things for the Samsung and regretted itóbig time!!!

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    Replaced an 8 year old Samsung French Door with an LG French Door in March. The Samsung had a problem of the upper level defrost drain freezing which would back up and eventually make its way to the kitchen floor. Numerous Samsung fixes didn't work. To prevent that from occurring I would have to periodically pullout the deli tray (which was a royal pain...) and sponge off the panel below the drawer.

    I did significant research before getting a replacement and found the following link from an appliance sales company in the Boston area which keeps track of the number of repairs performed per manufacturer per appliance. I found it helpful in making my purchasing decision.

    We purchased the LG even though they have a history (on the internet) of compressor failures. The one we purchased has a 10 year warranty on the compressor. The only problem to date is the frequent tendency of the ice dispenser to spit out one last ice cube as you walk away.

    One other thing... the Samsung and the replacement LG had the same cu. ft. specification yet we can put a whole lot more in the LG.
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    LG. Four months. It replaced a previous, smaller LG. We did have ice maker issues with the earlier one but since it was 8 years old and our needs changed, it was a better choice to get a new, more efficient unit, that also has features like the door-in-door for convenience and a much larger bottom freezer that gets frequent use for convenience around breakfast and lunch items. (Our regular freezer is necessarily small due to location)

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    GE side-by-side, purchased January 1994, still working fine, no repairs. Only (minor) issue is the ice dispenser that tends to jam up every couple of days.

    It replaced a still-working 1974 GE-built Kenmore side-by-side. Its only repair was a water inlet solenoid replaced at some point, no other issues.

    GF's only complaints are (1) the frozen pizzas she likes don't fit and (2) she's too short to un-jam the icemaker without getting out the stepstool. Both of those are kind of baked-in to the side-by-side form factor.

    My issue in replacing it is the size. I don't really need more cubic-footage, but I'd like to get a French-door style. All of those are 1"-2" inches too tall and right on the edge of being too wide, something I didn't consider when I designed the new cabinet layout a couple years back. The only non-side-by-side I've been able to find that will work is a Whirlpool bottom-freezer model: theirs seem to be about an inch shorter than the similar GE/LG/whatever, and I can get one of those in 33" instead of 36".
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    Sears knemore by Whirlpool. Bought used no problems in five years. I put a surge suppressor outlet into the existing box to protect the computerized control panel. Used a six foot supply hose with a blowout preventer valve. A bungee cord holds up the hose in a gentle loop.
    We like that that the ice maker is all inside and the faucet is inside as well. Less wasted space. The icemaker works well but if any thing falls into the ice bin, like packages of food, the bail will pop out and the ice maker will never sense it is full. Easy enough to fix but it is down on the ground, invisable behind the switch box and all done by braille with cold fingers. I have to look it up every time because there are no holes it could go into. The nice big slotted one or the small round one which is harder to find. You know it is the small round one.
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    How old is your fridge? 8 year old
    What brand? Kenmore by Whirlpool, side-by-side
    Does your wife like it? Yes, she picked it. Counter depth was most important factor. Was hard to find at the time.
    Ever had a new compressor? No, never on any fridge
    Ever had one die after moving or storing it? No. We moved my MIL's to our house when she died. It was a Kenmore and ran for a total of 32 years.
    What brand would you buy next? I'll check Consumer Reports info on reliability, and then see what's available in my area. Again counter depth will be factor.

    I don't think any retailer has their own service dept anymore. Costs too much so they farm it out.

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    I forgot to mention that we have our water dispenser turned off. When we bought the house all the toilets needed replacing and some had leaky flush valves. When we travel the water valve is turned off to the whole house. The leaky toilets drop the residual pressure to the point where the fridge water dispenser valve starts letting water through. The stupid valve is designed to seal only with a good amount of water pressure. This in turn lets water siphon out of the dispenser and onto the floor. Luckily we learned this while we had the kitchen floor removed. They have a fix kit but we don’t drink city water anyway so I just turned it off. Ice maker still works.

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