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Thread: Fair trade? Woodfast - Jet

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    Fair trade? Woodfast - Jet

    Hey, Iím new to the forums! I am also new to turning and bought a Jet1221vs a few months ago. An older man in a turning club I joined is selling a woodfast M408H and asked if I would want to trade, since he is just doing finials and smaller work.

    Would this be a good trade for me? I would have to get a 220v outlet, but thatís it. I enjoy turning bowls, plates, etc.


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    The Woodfast 408 is a 16" lathe, so the swing is better for bowls and such. They came two ways, one with just step pulleys, the other had variable speed. If it has the variable speed, I'd certainly consider it. The Woodfasts were well made lathes.
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    The other thing to consider is that Woodfast lathes were sold by Woodcraft, who discontinued them about 15 years ago. Getting replacement parts may be very difficult and an orphan generic lathe may be difficult to sell. However, if it is variable speed and runs well, i would also consider it.

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    I had a Woodfast with the 16" center to center and it is a real beast. Sold it when I got a Laguna 1836; I was looking for more length. The base weighs more than the actual lathe. If it is variable speed it would be a worthwhile trade. A really capable bowl lathe.

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    Byron -- If the Woodfast lathe is in good shape, in addition to the Jet 1221vs you would need to give the other turner some cash to make it a 'fair' trade. Australian made Woodfast lathes were considered to be premium lathes -- a couple rungs up the quality ladder past Jet and Powermatic. When Woodfast went out of business in the early 2000's (2003?), the company sold its design to Rikon. For several years, Rikon made a 20" swing version of the lathe. Even the Rikon version of the lathe, in good condition, is 'worth' more than a brand new Jet 1221vs.

    Someone mentioned a concern about parts. The bearings and such are all standard parts and can be easily replaced. Realistically, you would need to destroy the spindle or drop and break the tailstock casting before you'd need a part that couldn't be easily sourced locally.
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