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Thread: What to do w/ 3 sanding belts - 30x103?

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    What to do w/ 3 sanding belts - 30x103?

    I have some orphan sanding belts that I don't think would fit any currently popular machines. I had planned to try selling on eBay and Craig's List, but the sizes seem too obscure to have much hope.
    • 3 belts (30x102) 120 grit 3M Three-M-ite Resin Bond Cloth 241D (I've included a picture below)
    • 6 belts 4x76.5 36 grit Regal Resin Bond Cloth

    Last week I watched a video by Jimmy DiResta where he added several pieces of sandpaper to a 24x24 flat surface and then rubbed the box top and the lid bottom to sand all 4 'WALLS" at the same time.

    That was new to me, but it got me thinking it might make sense to cut up those 30" wide belts into large flat sheets - I am ignoring the diagonal seam because I am too lazy to go check it until I hear your suggestions.

    • 30x30 - 3 per sheet + 1 @ 30x12
    • 24x24 - 3 per sheet + 1 @ 30x12 + 3 @ 24x12
    • 15x30 - 6 per sheet + 1 @ 30x12 (this is what I am leaning toward - it would fit on some existing 12" deep shelves, although I cannot foresee what I would use them for.).
    • The 4 x 76.5 belts - I don't use 36 grit very often - total of 72 4x6 pieces!

    Any suggestions? Thank you very much!

    PS - I really hate throwing stuff away. If you don't have any ideas, I will list them for FREE on CL.

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    When I ran a custom woodworking business, we always tore off the outside few inches of worn out wide belts as they were usually in pretty good shape compared to the center. We cut different sized mdf blocks, wrapped the abrasive around the block, and threw a few staples through the top wrap into the block. When the abrasive wore out, we pitched the whole thing. Used them to aggressive break off corners, or other sanding tasks.

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    When I blow a belt(seam lets go) I give them to High school shop teacher. I work for a high end public school and what he gets for supplies is ridiculous.

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