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Thread: Redwood boards

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    Redwood boards

    Boards 12 ft long x 6 inch wide x 2 inch thick total qty of 34 Boards have been underwater for 50+ years
    Auction site said Redwood.
    if in fact they were submerged would they still be viable or are they going to be punky. I have heard that sunken logs are pretty well preserved and some are pretty pricey. Not sure about wood that has been sawn and redwood in particular.
    what would a reasonable price for the lot be?
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    They look nice and straight but there looks like a man made texture to a couple of the pieces that Iím familiar with.
    I would want to see the end cut off a couple before I committed to any money.
    Good Luck

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    should be fine if submerged at all times. Some one was selling redwood pickle barrel staves of similar size on craigs list. red wood wine tanks are still in use after 100 years.
    Bill D

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    I bought some very large redwood staves that were used in Lindsay Olive brine tanks some 25 years ago. (Don't know how long they were in use.) They were a good 10-12" wide, about 2" thick and about 10' long. As staves are curved, I ran them through my planer and built a very nice 52" diameter backyard table for around my pool. It lasted 20 years and just totally fell apart. I had reoiled it with Penofin about every two years. As it was redwood, thought it should have lasted longer. Built a new table with white oak. Randy
    Randy Cox
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