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Thread: Air cleaners for west coast fires?

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    I’m in Nevada City in the foothills. We were evacuated a couple weeks ago, but the winds stayed down and they were able to get our local fire knocked down. That was the beginning of this smoke cycle here, and unfortunately for so many East of us. A friend in Truro, MA, out On the tip of the Cape, posted a pic of her red sunset From our western fires. We mostly stay inside and use the purple air app for AQ index. 150 is unhealthy. We got up to 580 last week. Most days we cannot smell the smoke. You can see the smoke, but not pick up the odor. I have to go outside now and rake some leaves. It is comforting knowing that is the solution!!!

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    The human sense of smell is time- and exposure-relative. Once you have been exposed to smoke (or most any odor) for a while, you don't smell it as much, until you are not exposed for a while, and then exposed again.

    -- Andy - Arlington TX

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