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Thread: G0690 Table Saw Belt Change, Have you Done One?

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    G0690 Table Saw Belt Change, Have you Done One?

    Been a while since I visited SMC so I thought I would come by for a few and hope to get some questions answered on my G0690(aka "The Flying Grizzly", possibly some long time members will get the reference ;-) ).

    Noticed some noise coming from the old Griz, thought it was a belt because I could see one cracked nearly all the way through. However, I spun the blade spindle and it sounded like can full of marbles so it appears that I actually have two problems, need new belts and bearings. I have a new set of belts and just ordered new 6005zz bearings. Bearings won't be a problem other then having to pull the table top off the saw to get to them. The old ones came out without any problem. However, before I removed the spindle and the triple belt sheave on it I tried to fit the new belts just to refresh my memory but try as i could, I could not get the new belts to go on. After about a 30 minutes and one skinned knuckle I grabbed the best one of the old belts and compared it to the new ones. Part numbers matched but when I laid them up against each other the old one was at least an inch longer then the new one? I am hoping that the difference is long-use-stretch in the old one "but" there is no way the new one is going on the way the old ones came off.

    Do any of you folks happen to have a G0690 and have recently changed the belts on it. I would like to hear about your experience especially if you had any problems getting the new belts on. I have an idea I am going to try. I will detail it with photos below.

    Big Difference in the old and new belt length.

    There is a 1/2x4" bolt on the left behind the red strap that goes through slotted holes in the motor hanger and a similar size pin that goes through the other side and acts as a pivot. This combo allows for tensioning the belt and should allow enough slack to put on new belts but it's not even close for these new belts.

    However, I believe I can loosen the set screws on the motor hanger/blade-height pivot and swing the normally fixed hanger a little closer to the spindle. Once the belts are on I think the hanger can be moved back to it's original "pined" position. BTW the user manual parts drawing shows the hanger secured to the blade-height pivot shaft with square keys. Mine is actually secured with an long 8mm socket head set screw threaded through the hanger into the shaft. The photo shows it and two other set screws backed out far enough to allow the hanger to turn on the pivot shaft. Not sure what this arrangement is for except maybe to maintain a given tension on the belts when everything is tightened and in place.

    Will appreciate and try to acknowledge all comments.
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    Check out a video on changing belts on a Unisaw,as this saw is a clone of such. You may need to remove bolt in slotted hole completely, supporting motor with a block of wood. Lower height of arbor, forcing motor up wards to allow for belt installation. I would cancel the ZZ bearings and get 2RS instead. Your local Fastenal should have them in stock. If not then the following day.

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    agree get rs not zz. As you learned zz will not last long in dust unless you are relubing frequently. As I remember a unisaw belt can be changed easy enough. On my delta12/14 I had to pull the arbor to do a belt. I switched to a link belt.
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    I purchased a new-to-me G0691 (same saw, longer extension table) and swapped out the belts not long ago using Grizzly's videos (which, btw, have been very useful on a number of occasions). Here's the belt change vid for your saw, and my experience went exactly as they described. I think they also have bearing swap vid for your saw.

    Video link
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