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Thread: Sketchup/Workshop/Layout of Shop

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    Quote Originally Posted by John K Jordan View Post
    I have hundreds of pictures of various sheds and such.
    Thanks John. I am inspired. Ordered a book. Need to learn the basics and then for sure going to try building a small shed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ken hatch View Post
    I know advice is cheap but lose the Myers Roubo video and geek out on his Moravian video. you will end up with a better bench.

    OK, I'll bite. What are the pros and cons of the Moravian vs. Roubo bench?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erich Weidner View Post
    OK, I'll bite. What are the pros and cons of the Moravian vs. Roubo bench?


    Depending on the build, there is not a dimes worth of difference in stability yet the Moravian for the same stability will likely weight slightly over half as much depending on how red your neck is and how much you are into "mine is bigger than yours". That extra weight costs board feet of wood which these days ain't cheap. If you live the rest of your life in the place where you build the bench and you never plan on moving it around in the shop or you have a couple of strapping teenage boys living with you for the next twenty years then the Moravian has no advantage over the Roubo.

    Modern life doesn't work that way. The Moravian is a much easier build vs. the Roubo, I know because I've built both. If you build the Moravian exactly the way Will Myers builds his then each joint is the easiest to make that will do the required job. There is nothing wrong with a Roubo bench, I worked on one for years, in fact there is still one in my shop, on which I store lumber, and another in my back garden that MsBubba uses for whatever MsBubba does.

    I've found no down side with Moravian vs. Roubo other than my often stated lack of "hoot" factor, for some being able to brag about their 6" thick, 300 lb slab with 8"X8" legs and a vise on every corner is important. Whatever blows your skirt. I just want an easy, quick to build bench that is simple with nothing to get in the way of working wood. Being cheaper to build helps as well.

    In spite of my posting to get the Moravian video, if you really want a Roubo then that is the bench to build. If you are like most folks once you get an itch nothing helps till it is scratched.

    Whatever you do, build one. All the books and woodworking articles in the world will not teach you as much as just building a bench and then working on it. Don't take years to build it, it's a work bench and should be completed within a month or two even if you work full time at a day job and have honey do's on the weekend. Then after working on it for awhile it is guaranteed there will be things that drive you to barking at the moon. When you can no longer stand it, build another that fixes the problem or problems and then work on it until you start barking at the moon again. After a few goes you should end up with a perfect bench for you. I wish there were a short cut but in reality the only way to learn is to pee on the electric fence.

    Good luck,


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    When I was growing up in California's Central Valley, "Taco Tuesday" was known as "Red's Tamale Day". Regional differences I guess.


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