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Thread: Anyone have the Jet ProShop II Table Saw?

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    Anyone have the Jet ProShop II Table Saw?

    I have decided that I can't afford a SawStop anytime soon so I'm looking seriously at the Jet ProShop II table saw with cast iron extensions.

    I have two qustions:
    1. Anyone have this saw and what do you think of it?
    2. Which to get 30" or 52" fence?

    Thanks. And please no Grizzly suggestions. They seem to be perpetually out of stock on their stuff lately.

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    I have the original Proshop, 30" rip capacity, cast iron wings, 1.75hp.
    Works pretty well (for a 110V motor) with a forrest 30-tooth, thin-kerf WWII blade.
    I do like the fence. Dust collection isn't great; and I would prefer a real riving knife.
    I believe the ProShop II improves in these last two areas.

    If you can't stretch to a sawstop, some alternatives to consider:
    - Grizzly 1023
    - used cabinet saw (although probably won't have dust collection or riving knife)

    I personally would not want the longer rails.
    I do like the more compact footprint, I don't need the capacity, and I have a track saw when needed.


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    I'm not familiar with the specific saw, but I will suggest that baring special circumstances, the 30" fence is going to be more than adequate for most cutting situations regardless of what saw you buy and if you need a wider rip, you can use a sled on the left side of the blade and make your off-cut the waste rather than the part. When I had my cabinet saw, it had the 50"+ fence setup and the majority of the time, that extra space was used for "informal disorganized storage". On my present machine, I cut down the right side table by 16" which effectively provides about 30-32" of "rip" capacity if I need it. (That's more of a cross cut limitation thing for me at this point because I use a slider)

    And it's generally safer and easier to work really large material with a track saw on the floor for many folks.

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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    Like Matthew - - I have the original Pro Shop saw and like it alot for a 120 v 1.75 hp saw. The 30 fence is fine for me, as I am in garage shop and the space savings is more important that the rare need for the bigger cut. If you are crafty, you can rig a cut on the other side when necessary, or just use a hand held circ saw. Riving knife etc not so good - - I have a shark guard. I think the II has improved on this.

    You cant go wrong with this saw IMHO - but if I was buying again, I would wait for the Grizz to be in stock and go for the 3 hp/


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    OP asked specifically NOT to recommend Grizzly (even though I concur with the two posters suggesting it...)

    I had the original Proshop. Great saw. I think the V2 version with the riving knife makes this a great contender.

    However, there were times that the saw was slightly underpowered. Specifically, when cutting thicker stock for chair parts, I found I had to rip in successive stages to avoid bogging down. I had a Sharkguard to go with it, and I found the dust collection superior to the Sawstop I own now.

    I think it's a great saw but I believe it IS a compromise in terms of power (and therefore convenience) from a 3hp cabinet saw, which long term makes a more convenient tool for me to use.

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    Marshall, Did you end up purchasing the Jet? I would love to hear how that worked out.

    Thanks, Chip.

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