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Thread: Delta 31-25x or 26x Drum Sander miter table left gears

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    Delta 31-25x or 26x Drum Sander miter table left gears

    I needed a new miter gear for the table lift on my Delta 31-260 Drum Sander. Of course, no Delta parts are available anyway. Gears with the right gear spec can be had from drive train suppliers, however. I found them in a place with minimum order, so ordered enough to meet that. They sent twice what I ordered. So I find myself with 4 sets of the table lift miter gears.

    These are not installation-ready. One of each pair will require sleaving with a 3/8" ID, 1/2" OD bushing - readily available at any hardware store. The other will require careful drilling of the mounting holes - easily done in a drill press, using the driven element as a pattern.

    So, here's the deal: Two nylon gears that fit the Delta with the above modifications, delivered in a USPS Flat Rate Box, for $15.00. Won't be instant shipping, as I only get to town every other week or so these days. But for anybody with one of these sanders who would like a couple of spares, here's your chance.

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    I am interested in a set of these gears.
    No rush,not broken (yet), but I am depending more and more on this sander since I got it used in the middle of summer.
    How would you like to proceed with the transaction? I can send you a check, then you can send out the gears whenever...
    Bill Gillette

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    Hi Steve,
    I would like to purchase a set of gears. Please send me your information and I'll mail out a check.
    Ray Durney

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    I need a set as well. Iíve sent you a PM so I can get the address to send payment.

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