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Thread: Sapele 1x15" speaker cab

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    Sapele 1x15" speaker cab

    I don't know that I actually posted this here. I just finished a 1x15" speaker cab for a Weber P15N reissue that's been sitting in the woodshop getting dusty for 10+ years. It's going to sit underneath a matching Princeton reverb head. I cut the dovetails about 70% by hand with the bandsaw providing the remainder. The boards are 14" wide, which means the main error in the joint is cupping across the width also it's really hard to manage a long, wide board on a typical bandsaw dovetail jig.

    Finish is top coat of Skelton Oil (from the saw company) and a couple coats of T&T varnish oil underneath that.

    The floral grill cloth makes the amp louder. Much Louder.

    IMG_20200616_152932 (1).jpg

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    That looks great!
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    Nice job. Why did you rear mount the speaker on the baffle board?

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