We've done Polar Camel, Yeti, SIC, RTIC, Hydroflask and some other smaller ones.

SIC was great to start, but is fairly frustrating as a company to work with. They will be out of stock of 20oz tumblers in black forever, but we'll get 6 emails from them in that time with the "new" mermaid or tiger pattern that is ugly as hell.

Their shipping levels are a little strange too, you can order two 12 packs (12 pack minimum amount for retailer order) and it will be $15 to ship. Add a third and it goes up to like $45... But I can just place two separate orders and pay $30 in shipping for the 3 cases.

I love SICs products but trying to keep track of what they have in stock and when is a hassle. The solution is obviously to stock what we think we'll need but like others mentioned, that is a lot of overhead costs and product sitting around.

Hydroflask turned us down as a retailer when they heard we were going to engrave their stuff, they told us they don't want people putting things on their brand's bottle that they don't have control over (eyeroll).

Yeti is grossly overpriced, and I believe you need $10k in their products, a retail storefront/display, and must carry specific stuff from them to become a retailer.