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Thread: Vintage Signs?

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    Vintage Signs?

    Guys this section is new to me and really first time for me to post and visit this section. My question is vintage signs, or I guess reproduction signs such as Rainbo Bread, 7Up,Coke,etc. I will be making or trying to make myself a screen door in future so collecting ideals and I hope a source for signs without that vintage price tags. Don't get me wrong I sure would like find vintage signs that is price fair but so far not having any luck with that. I want those signs to go on my screen door that be under a roof or for porch so it will be somewhat protected from direct rain. Looking for advice on how to go about signs or maybe where to look and maybe some ideals for screen door that will help with old vintage look that I am after. Any advice is much appreciated.
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    Just a suggestion. You should be able to find reasonably good pictures of old signs and find someone to dye-sublimate the pictures into counter top material (2 pics below). A couple of the signs you shared could be created with inlays.
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