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Thread: Message saying unsafe site

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    Message saying unsafe site

    Just started popping up on my computer. Image attached. Ok not allowing me to insert image. But here is what it said: NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID
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    This has been reported. Keith may be a bit busy from the hurricane clean up.
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    A certificate expired. Firefox will make an exception if you allow it. Dunno about other browsers.

    In other words, even though the license plate expired it's still safe to drive here.


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    Fixed last night. Yes we are pretty busy cleaning up about 3 acres of yard and had half of one of our trees split at a crotch and landed partially on a black cherry tree and my barn roof. Got a crane coming this morning to help. Had three rows of corn laying flat on the ground so Jackie and I are working to harvest as much as we can. Got about 3 thousand black walnuts on the ground and almost as many gum balls to clean up. Pretty much a mess around here, it will take a couple more long days to get things back in order.

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    Black Cherry turning blanks are coming soon...........
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